4 Ways to Treat Eczema in the Genital Region

Skin diseases are a nightmare, regardless of what region of the body they are concentrated on. This is because these ailments tend to have symptoms like rashes and a constant desire to itch the area, both of which gives you an unpleasant appearance.

One of the most undesirable places to have a skin disease is your genital region. Genital skin problems are a source of embarrassment and distress for many. One such ailment that can occur in the genital area is eczema.

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What Is Eczema?

Before we delve into how we can treat the problem, let us begin by defining the disease. James McIntosh has summarized what eczema is in an article for Medical News Today. According to him, eczema is used as a term to refer to all sorts of skin conditions which feature a rash or to define atopic dermatitis.

In both these definitions, the fact remains that the disease tends to cause rashes and redness of the skin in the affected area. Moreover, it leads to an occurrence of itchy and patchy skin which is undesirable to look at.

Since the disease is triggered by allergies and the incorrect workings of the immune system, it is not contagious. This does not mean that the skin condition is rare. As per the eczema statistics provided by MG217, 20% of children and 3% of adults of the world are affected by some sort of eczema.

Regardless of where the disease is concentrated at, eczema is a source of concern for those who have it. However, for those who have such a disease in the genital area, the distress is quite high.

Causes of Eczema

As per Tandurust.com, it is not easy to identify the underlying cause of eczema in the genital area. This is because research in this field has not led to any conclusive and concrete results. However, various triggers have been detected of the disease.

One possible event and trigger that might cause the occurrence of eczema in the genital area is if you are prone to sweating in the region. Moreover, if you wear fitted underwear and the skin in the area does not get the breathability it needs, the disease might manifest.

Skin dermatitis, which is the other form of eczema, is known to occur after you undergo an allergic reaction from a given soap or powder. It has been observed that antiseptic soaps and use of deodorant in the area tend to make a person vulnerable to the onset of the disease.

The Best Treatment for Eczema in Genital Region

We understand that having a skin condition, regardless of its kind and severity, can be annoying and embarrassing for people. Therefore, we have listed four ways through which you can treat the disease.

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1. Skin Moisturizers

As per Natural Home Remedies, one of the best ways to combat the disease and reduce the onset of symptoms is to apply skin moisturizers in the area. One of the key symptoms of eczema is the fact that it tends to cause the affected skin to dry out.

Just like you moisturize your skin on the dry days, especially in winters, you are required to do the same when affected by eczema. The only difference is that you should use eczema cream (check this guide for the best eczema cream) and include soap for eczema when taking a bath. Both of these items are made with a high moisturizing content and are bound to keep your skin soft.

However, make sure that you apply the products when your skin is damp as wet skin is better able to absorb the moisture than dry skin.

2. Medicated Bath

Now, this serves to be a home remedy, but there have been various reports by patients of it working. Various sources claim that taking a bath in a solution of baking soda or oatmeal powder can play an integral role in reducing both itchiness and dryness of the skin.

Make sure that you add the items mentioned in warm water. As you let your body soak in it for about 20 minutes, you will find that all areas that were affected by eczema including the genitals will be eventually rejuvenated.

3. Topical Ointments

Aloe vera creams work like magic for eczema in the pubic region. As per Livestrong, any topical cream that plays a role in boosting the immune system of your body should be applied to the genital area to get rid of the symptoms as well as improve the working of your immune system.

Make sure you do not use any prescription medicines unless the severity of the issue renders all other solutions fruitless. This is because using prescription drugs like corticosteroids in the genital area can lead to an array of side effects. Therefore, you should delay using such products and keep them as a last resort.

4. Wear Loose Undergarments

One way in which you can ensure that the severity of eczema does not increase is to wear undergarments that are not tightly fitted.

Wearing tight garments cuts back on the air circulation to the skin of the affected area which tends to cause dryness along with the onset of rashes. By eliminating the source of the problem and providing your genital area with the proper air circulation that it needs, you will be able to decrease the occurrences of the symptoms.


While all skin diseases can be a nightmare to deal with, those that are concentrated to the genitals should be treated promptly to avoid embarrassment and lasting effects.

We understand that you might find the act of seeking professional help to be an undoable task, but make sure you do ask for help when the home remedies and ointments do not yield results. Do not let the disease get out of hand. Treat it before it gets worse.

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